“When I found Dr. Gerbode, I had been dealing with extreme low back pain for a long time.  I was taking prescription drugs, and had been going to physical therapists (really good ones!) for months, but it wasn’t helping.  I had even consulted a surgeon.

Dr. Gerbode examined me and told me I was a good candidate for chiropractic care.  2 hours after my first treatment, I was already in much less pain.

He even helped me with the underlying cause of my frozen shoulder!  I have my mobility and my life back, and I recently took my daughter in to see Dr. Gerbode for her back problems.  Her back pain and stiffness are gone!  I really appreciate the experience and knowledge that Dr. Gerbode has, and I recommend him to everyone.”

“After having 12 hour knee operations over a 9-month period, my lower back and hips were really out of alignment and painful, and I knew that I wasn’t walking right.  I was taking a lot of prescription, and over-the-counter, medication, which I knew was not good for me.  My medical doctors told me that I would continue to need drugs, and may need more surgery.  As a professional musician and piano teacher, I was having trouble sitting for any length of time to practice or teach, let alone perform.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Gerbode, the improvement has been amazing!  I am virtually pain free, and no longer need to take medication (unless I overdo it at the gym or something).  Being drug-free is a big benefit!  I am back to teaching and performing regularly, and I’m able to sit at my piano for hours again.